No.7, Shaka Road, Gold & Base, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

About Us


Formation and History

Harvest Leadership Community in Africa (HALCIA) Ministry is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with the burden to train and equip leaders to pursue their leadership responsibilities more as a calling rather than just a paid job. Leaders are trained to understand the essence of leadership as that of serving, rather than being served. Leaders are facilitated to discover or clarify their calling and to live out that calling courageously and to finish strong. In living out their clear calling, these leaders get to impact their world holistically i.e. physically, educationally, socio-economically, and spiritually. 

They are challenged to shift from the prevalent ‘command and control’ style of leadership to serve as servant-leaders, empowering those that are leading. Leaders are taught and mentored to use power and authority for the benefit to nurture and equip future leaders. 

We believe that current leaders in both church and the society at large have a great role to play in shaping communities and nations by modelling servant leadership. This is what we believe will help bring about the change we all wish to see in Nigeria and Africa at large.

HALCIA addresses the need for a shift in both understanding and practice of leadership through its leadership training and mentoring activities. It also does this by creating forum for dialoguing, study, and worldview change, all in pursuit of holistic transformation in individuals and communities.